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9 Things to Know Before You Visit Dubai UAE: A Dubai Trip Guide

From vending machines to taxis for women, here are 9 ESSENTIAL things to know before you visit Dubai UAE to ensure you have the best Dubai trip!

Looking to visit Dubai? Television of Nomads has already explored the top things to do in Dubai, the best restaurants in Dubai for families, and offered up some Dubai travel tips for couples, but now it’s time to delve into the things you should know if you want to visit Dubai. This fascinating Middle Eastern metropolis has experienced drastic changes over the last century, and learning all about the things that make Dubai so special will help to enrich your Dubai trip. For starters, Dubai UAE went from a “one-car” town in 1968 to about two million registered cars to date and it took them only 50 years. A striking percentage of them are luxury vehicles, including police cars. There are more than 900 high rises in Dubai. Five decades ago there were zero. Dubai is truly a spectacle. Here is a fun list of 9 things you should know if you want to visit Dubai, with some extra bonus facts included!

This is a guest post by Diego Garzón of All the Rooms.

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Modern Metro and Taxis for Women

Get ready for a few cultural nuances from the moment you arrive at the airport whenever you choose to visit Dubai. Shocking at first, your adventure into Dubai UAE culture will soon become a fun ride as you get to live and learn in their ways. You’ll soon notice there are many well-organized transportation methods like registered taxis with colored roofs and even special taxis for female passengers. Also, with a crime rate so low (it’s almost non-existent), any method of transportation is safe.


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Unique Vending Machines and A Giant Garden

Another interesting thing you’ll find when you visit Dubai UAE is the readily available vending machines that sell everything from your classic soda cans or snacks to more surprising products like cell phones, computers, tablets, and even gold coins. They even adjust prices as the market flows in real time.


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Most People are Foreigners

Dubai is a mecca that attracts people from all over the world. As soon as you land whenever you choose to visit Dubai, you realize that most inhabitants of Dubai UAE are foreign. Only 10 to 15 percent of the Dubai population are Emiratis, as nationals are known. Most of the people living in Dubai are Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Filipino.


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Different Laws and Customs

When you decide to visit Dubai UAE, get ready to adapt to local laws and customs. For example, it is not allowed to display affection publicly. Things such as kissing and hugging, even is it’s your spouse, are punishable by law with fines, jail, and deportation. Also, if you like to party a bit, make some adjustments to your habits since alcohol is prohibited. However, some hotels and other establishments are allowed to sell alcohol. Nevertheless, don’t get caught inebriated in the street. Also, be sure to cover up. Even remotely revealing clothing is often frowned upon, so certainly prepare for what to wear in Dubai. Check out Television of Nomads‘ Dubai City Guide for more UAE travel tips.


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Imposing Luxurious Sites

Built in just fifty years, Dubai UAE is home to some of the world’s most imposing, magnificent, and record-breaking buildings and structures in the world, and visiting them are an essential part of any Dubai travel guide. There are a few particular sights you must add to your travel itinerary when you choose to visit Dubai. The Burj Khalifa rises to 2,722 feet and is part of a development project called Downtown Dubai. The building has two outdoor observation decks, one of which is the highest outdoor observation deck in the world at 1,821 feet.

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Unique Attractions

A city of extremes, Dubai UAE is also home to unique places you’ll only find here. For example, when you choose to visit Dubai, you should start with the biggest indoor skiing facility in the world, the Ski Dubai ski resort located in the Mall of the Emirates, which is one of the biggest in the world. Another example is the Chillout Ice Lounge, where patrons have to wear full weather clothing and drinks are served in ice glasses. Fight the cold by ordering hot food like sandwiches, cakes, and even hot chocolate.


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Man-made Islands

Also unique in Dubai UAE are the immense man-made islands called Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, and The World. The World is composed of islands made in the shapes of the countries of the world. These islands are home to luxury homes, villas, and hotels, many of which are owned and visited by world famous celebrities.

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Extreme Weather

Finally, be prepared to experience the desert — the Arabian Desert, that is. The climate in Dubai UAE brings about 350 sunny days per year, with only about 3.5 inches of rainfall. If the plan is to visit Dubai during summer, expect extremely hot, windy, and humid temperatures which frequently break 100 °F. The windy conditions are caused by the Western Hajar Mountains, which allow for slightly cooler winters. No matter when you visit Dubai, be prepared for some extreme weather!

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Dubai Hotels

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From vending machines to taxis for women, here are 9 ESSENTIAL things to know before you visit Dubai UAE to ensure you have the best Dubai trip!

Photo Credit: Andrew Moore

From vending machines to taxis for women, here are 9 ESSENTIAL things to know before you visit Dubai UAE to ensure you have the best Dubai trip!

Photo Credit: Rod Waddington

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