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Romantic Spots to Enjoy Autumn in Korea: A Couples Travel Guide

Autumn in Korea: Couples Travel Guide

Bold seasonal colors, scenic meandering pathways, and fields of silver grass make autumn in Korea a perfect time for couples travel. As the sun softens, the landscape warms itself to striking hues—shades gradating from luxurious gold to breathy yellow, rich burgundy to crimson red, ginger-kissed bronze to flame hot orange. Autumn in Korea is characterized, on the mainland, by flamboyant flourishes of these majestic seasonal colors, dotting everything from elegant traditional palaces to rugged rock peaks. Off the mainland, the Jeju Island stage for autumn in Korea bursts with citrus as the famous Jeju tangerines reach their prime. Also on Jeju, feathery eulalia grass fields wave dramatically against the island’s black volcanic rock. Truly, autumn in Korea brings no shortage of romantic spots for couples travel.


Looking for jaw-dropping South Korean fall photos? Here are 30 photos that prove the South Korea autumn just won at life!

Red leaves in Changdeokgung Palace, South Korean Autumn

From arboreal wonderlands of K-drama fame and rainbow-coated jagged mountain edges, to Seoul’s striking palaces and romantic walkways, and finally, to the iridescent feather fields and zesty groves of Jeju that make for an entirely different flavor of autumn in Korea—you’ll never be at a loss for settings for those perfect hands-holding couples travel photographs.


While autumn in Korea shines all across the country, here’s a list of our favorite picturesque couples travel spots.

Couples Travel in Chagdeokgung Palace, Seoul

Changdeokgung Palace

Seoul is known for its traditional palaces, but our favorite to enjoy autumn in Korea is Changdeokgung. And why? The Secret Garden. The rest of the palace grounds pale in comparison to the gorgeous autumn spectacle found in the Secret Garden. A whopping 78 acres, this Secret Garden, otherwise known as Huwon (후원) or Biwon (비원), makes up 60% of the Changdeokgung grounds.

Changdeokgung Palace - Secret Garden, Autumn in KoreaWith over 26,000 trees (of hundreds of different species) the Secret Garden is a magical place to witness autumn in Korea. The garden becomes a symphony of autumn color, popping against the palace pavilions, lotus ponds and stone walls.

Changdeokgung Palace Autum Leaves in South KoreaWe easily spent a full day wandering around the romantic paths beneath the colorful trees—lost in the magnificent beauty of the vibrant leaves set against the elegant traditional Korean architecture. The palace is a fantastic couples travel destination any time of year, but autumn is when the Secret Garden of Changdeokgung truly shines.

Changdeokgung - Couples Travel in South Korea

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 Nami Island

Otherwise known as Namiseom Island (남이섬 종합휴양지), this scenic half moon-shaped isle is an oasis of beautiful trees and peaceful pathways. Nami Island is undoubtedly one of the best places to enjoy autumn in Korea, as its abundant trees transform gloriously under the hand of the season. The island shows great bursts of color, from the bold yellow gingko biloba trees to the fiery red maples.

Nami Island, Autumn in Korea, perfect for Couples Travel

These colors shape the isle into a stunning autumn landscape, framed by the glimmering sapphire waters of the North Han River. With its paths lined by colorful trees and accented with ponds, gardens, water fountains, and gazebos, Nami Island offers a romantic natural immersion away from the hustle and bustle of the city—making it perfect for couples travel.  Nami Island is 63 km away from Seoul, and reachable only by ferry (or zip-line!).

Beautiful Nami Island in South Korea


The mountain of Daedunsan is defined by rocky ridges and steep peaks—natural canvasses which the paintbrush of autumn in Korea can transform with splatters of color.

Daedunsan Mountain, beautiful Autumn in KoreaRed, orange, and yellow saturate the trees of Daedunsan, as well as those trees in the park at the mountain’s base. But its impressive seasonal color isn’t the only reason to make your way up the mountain—part of Daedunsan’s fame is its cloud bridge.

The 50 meter-long cloud bridge (otherwise known as Geumgang Gureumdari) is suspended over 24 stories (80 meters) above the ground, and if that doesn’t flush your cheeks, the wind certainly will! You’ll want to keep your significant other close on the scenic bridge—at least in between photos. This cloud bridge provides a stunning backdrop for photographs, with incredible views of the surrounding colorful foliage against the mountain’s rocky edges.

Daedunsan Cloud Bridge, Autumn in Korea

And if that isn’t high enough for you, you’ll continue farther up the mountain to a narrow exposed staircase. If your heart isn’t already fluttering, it just might be after a look down at the depths beneath you while climbing the staircase! After you come down from the mountain, you can enjoy a romantic picnic beneath the robustly colored trees in the park at the base of the mountain—a perfect end to a slightly more adventurous taste of couples travel.

Daedunsan Park, Couples Travel for Autumn in Korea


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Namsan Mountain

At the top of Namsan Mountain is the 480 meter-high Seoul Tower offering magnificent views of Seoul. But besides the tower, the autumn landscape of the mountain is well-worth the visit.

View of Seoul from Namsan, Autumn in KoreaDuring the autumn season, the dense forests of Namsan come out singing in a full burst of golds and oranges. While our visit was slightly before the peak of autumn color at Namsan, we still had a field day frolicking around the picturesque tree-lined curving pathways, and would consider the mountain a lovely couples travel destination to enjoy autumn in Korea.

Namsan Mountain in Seoul

In addition to the loving autumn spirit Namsan can bring, the mountain is a fantastic couples travel destination all year round. With the famous love locks dotting the fencing around the top of the mountain, Namsan promotes kisses and cuddles. Come prepared with a lock for you and your significant other to clip onto the rest of them!

Namsan Love Locks - Couples Travel

Jeju Island

The “Hawaii of Korea” known as Jeju Island is known for its magnificent beaches—but the volcanic island also brings a different kind of beauty in autumn. While vibrant leaves can certainly be found on the island, our favorite Jeju contributions to autumn in Korea are its feathery fields of silver eulalia grass. Besides the silver grass, perhaps our favorite Jeju Island couples travel activity for fall is visiting one of Jeju’s tangerine groves.

Picking Jeju Islands Tangerines


Jeju’s tangerines are famous throughout Korea—you can’t take a visit to the Jeju Airport without seeing Koreans bringing home boxes of Jeju tangerines home to their family—and it’s easy to taste why! The perfect balance of sweet and tart, the seedless tangerines pop up all over the island during autumn, and it’s great fun going to a grove to pick some of your own. For 5000 Won (about $5 USD) a person, you can visit a Jeju tangerine grove, feast on as many of the delicious organic citrus fruits as you can stomach straight off the tree, and pick your own kilo of tangerines to take home. Make sure to read our guide for Jeju tangerine picking!

Jeju tangerines, autumn in Korea With head floating in the bright bursts of citrus, flushed cheeks from running in the groves, and perhaps a peel or two in your hair after a few orange peel toss-offs, you’ll find Jeju to be a perfectly romantic couples travel destination for autumn!



Korea offers a full year of beauty. From the jaw-dropping volcanic beaches of summer (such as this Hidden Beach of Jeju Island or the more accessible Iho Beach), to the Korean cherry blossom trees of spring, and to picture-perfect wonderland winters (occasionally including even a Jeju Island winter). Still, our few years in South Korea have shown that perhaps the most magical season for couples travel is autumn. From the fantastic bursts of color to palace-frolicking, mountain-climbing and tangerine picking—there’s no shortage of romantic activities to enjoy the cozy season with your special someone.


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Autumn in Korea: A Couples Travel Guide Autumn in Korea: A Couples Travel Guide

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      Autumn is definitely one of our favorite seasons to travel!

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