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Dharamsala Yoga Retreat & Outdoor Exploring: Looking for Adventure in a Yoga Training India Destination

Head to the yoga training India destination of Dharmsala and find exquisite natural landscapes and spiritual settings, perfect for a Dharmsala yoga retreat or an adventure trip!

Dharamsala is a heavenly town with vibrant shades of calm, purity, and elegance, making it perfect for a Dharamsala yoga retreat. Experience the pleasure of living in this yoga training India destination filled with mountain lanes with crepuscular lights. Find yourself engulfed in the beauty of deodar forests, mesmerizing Kangra Valley, gushing water streams, and a holy majesty that truly stirs the soul, prepping your body and spirit for any great Dharamsala yoga retreat or outdoor exploring. Dharamsala speaks volumes of untouched beauty, pleasant climate, tranquility, spiritual heritage, and nature trekking adventures that sum up the ideal definition of a yoga training India destination.

This is a guest post by Manmohan Singh of rishikulyogshala.org

Photo Above:  Juan M. Gatica

The abode of His Holiness—The Dalai Lama—this scenic hill station situated in the mighty Himalayas is a dream place of several wanderers, spiritual seekers, and adventure souls waiting to explore every inch and charm of the yoga training India destination of Dharamsala, India. We’ve prepared a list of ways to enjoy Dharamsala, from a Dharmsala yoga retreat to adventures, spiritual centers, scenic places, and so much more. Come, live, and feel this yoga training India destination of Dharamsala with us!


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Go on an Adventure Spree

Rugged terrains, hilly mountains, and dense jungles give an adrenaline rush to the adventurers and the town of Dharamsala offers all three on a platter. From nerve -wrecking sports to pleasing nature walks, this is the place to satiate your lust for adventure and India’s natural beauty. These activities are geared towards the adventurous type—if you’re planning on visiting with your family, we recommend checking out these tips for traveling to India with kids.


Triund and Indrahar Treks to Bhagsu Falls are famous among national and international travelers. Dotted with the forests of pine and oak, enchanting waterfalls, and occasional glaciers, the mesmerizing view makes Dharamsala a primary choice of trekkers.


Photo Credit: Sobhan Mohanty

Rock Climbing

Nayagroeon, located in the remote Himalayas in Dharamsala, it is the most popular trail for rock climbing. Climbing steep rocks is both physically and spiritually stimulating for many adventure enthusiasts.


Urban Zipline

Feel the cool soothing breezes kicking in as the pulley carries you from one hill rock to another. Feed the brave within as you take on the long kilometer ride amidst the thick lush green forests of Dharamsala.


Photo Credit: Gili Chupak

Enjoy the Scenery

With Dhauladhar ranges in the background and beautiful covering of deodar forests, Dharamsala is a picturesque location alluring the travelers to its holy lap. The place boasts of sparkling waterfalls, colorful temples, and vintage ruins ensuring a fascinating time for the visitors.

Kareri Dal Lake

Visit this serene spot in this scenic location and transport into the world of magnificence. The spell-binding setting and the surrounding peace make it an ideal destination to let go off all the tensions and to live moments of calmness. The lake is decked with snow-capped mountains and verdant grounds enhancing its beauty to greater heights.

Bhagsunag WaterFalls

One of the most popular sightseeing locations in Dharamsala, the cascading milky waterfall– Bhagsu falls in enclosed in pristine beauty refreshing the souls of the travelers. Enjoy the flowing saga along with tasty munchings at the cafe nearby.


Photo Credit: Aleksandr Zykov

Kangra Fort

Unfold the historical tales and awe-inspiring heritage at the Kangra Fort. It’s a fort as magnificent as the popular forts of the pink city of Jaipur, but with a very different style. A marvelous ancient work in the Himalayas, Kangra Fort was once the royal abode of Kangra Family– the Katoch Dynasty. This royal specimen offers eye-opening views of the rivers: Manjhi and Banganga and the Maharaja Sansar Chand Katoch Museum.


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Experience the Spirituality

The Spiritual sanctuary of India, Dharamsala, it is the thriving land of monasteries and temples. It is a place that provides an insight into the Buddhist and Indian culture and offers the perfect ambiance and resources to indulge in spiritual practices. Steal away long-cherished moments of divinity by visiting the alluring temples, Buddhist monasteries, etc.


Photo Credit: Jon Connell

Gyuto Monastery

A beautiful monastery dipped in sunshine and exotic greenery. It is the sacred residence of Karmapa—the head of Kagyu Tibetan Buddhism. Reflecting serenity in its decor and ambiance, the Gyuto Monastery offers a glimpse into the Tantric World.


Photo Credit: Jon Connell

Tsuglagkhang Complex

Regalia of Dalai Lama’s first visit to India in 1959, it is the place comprising the Dalai Lama’s abode and monasteries. The Dalai Lama’s sessions and numerous Tibetan dance and music performances are also held in this complex which is surely not-to-be missed.


Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Jon Connell

Bhagsunag Temple

The religious attraction of the Dharamshala, Bhagsunag is Lord Shiva’s temple. The temple is nestled in the lofty hills and windy trails and is swarmed by numerous pilgrims every year.


Photo Credit: Kiran Jonnalagadda

Dharamsala Yoga Retreat: Learn Yoga and Meditation

The beauty and blissful aura of the yoga training Indian destination of Dharamsala make it an ideal place for undertaking the practices of Yoga and Meditation. The pleasant vibes, simplistic nature of habitats create a suitable atmosphere for embracing health and wellness for any Dharamsala yoga retreat.

Dhamma Sikhara center

Dhamma Sikhara is a Vipassana Meditation center located adjacent to Dharamkot village in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India. It is the center of study and practicing the art of Vipassana meditation from the traditions, making it perfect for a Dharamsala yoga retreat.

Dharamsala—the seat in exile of his holiness Dalai Lama and the wonderful world of nature and beauty is a treat to explore for the mind, body, and soul. Visit this yoga training India destination for a unique look into the beauty of this amazing place, and immerse yourself in a Dharamsala yoga retreat or outdoor exploring! If you enjoy Dharamsala, you may want to go off-the-beaten path and explore the Chanshal Pass in Himachal Pradesh, India!



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Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He provides Yoga Teacher Training in India. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas.

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Head to the yoga training India destination of Dharmsala and find exquisite natural landscapes and spiritual settings, perfect for a Dharmsala yoga retreat or an adventure trip!

Photo Credit: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

Head to the yoga training India destination of Dharmsala and find exquisite natural landscapes and spiritual settings, perfect for a Dharmsala yoga retreat or an adventure trip!

Photo Credit:  Juan M. Gatica

Head to the yoga training India destination of Dharmsala and find exquisite natural landscapes and spiritual settings, perfect for a Dharmsala yoga retreat or an adventure trip!

Photo Credit: Geoff Stearns

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