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The Essential Guide to Everland Korea: South Korea’s Largest Theme Park

Everland Korea: South Korea's Largest Theme Park! Featuring the famous T-Express roller coaster!

South Korea’s largest theme park with the world’s fourth steepest wooden roller coaster, Everland Korea delights locals and tourists alike with its rides, beautiful gardens, and impressive light show. A quick day trip out of Seoul, Everland brings a family-friendly dose of amusement for anyone looking for some entertainment!

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Check out our video from Everland below!


Everland South Korea

Photograph by Mark and Emma Hambleton via freeforcommercialuse.org

You know by now that South Korea packs it in with tons of things to do. If it’s autumn, South Korea wins at life, bursts in a flurry of color like at Daedunsan Mountain, and inspires kisses in its romantic couples travel destinations. If it’s spring, South Korea blushes with stunning Korean Cherry Blossom trees. If it’s winter, you may get a chance to see palm trees covered in snow in a Jeju Island winter. And in the summer, you can sprawl out on one of the many incredible beaches, such as the Hidden Beach of Jeju Island, Iho Beach, or Sagye Beach. But any time of the year you can venture to the cheerful theme park of Everland Korea for a fun-filled day of roller coasters and carnival rides.

The Secret to Cheap Flights

When planning our move to South Korea, visiting Everland Korea was on the top of our list of things to do. We’d never been to an amusement park in another country, and what better place to go than the biggest amusement park in South Korea?

Here’s our guide to visiting Everland and seeing South Korea’s largest theme park for yourself!


Everland Korea

A theme park staple of South Korea for 40+ years,  Everland Korea thrills visitors with various rides for all kinds of fun-seekers. From kids-friendly attractions to record-breaking roller coasters for the teens and adults, and a spread of stomach-twisting carnival rides, Everland has a little something for everyone. Besides the rides, South Korea’s largest theme park gets festive with a variety of themed festivals, including a zombie-rific Halloween Festival, a Summer Splash Festival, Tulip Festival, Rose Festival, and many more throughout the year.

Photograph by .angels. via freeforcommercialuse.org

The grounds of the park are decorated beautifully with manicured gardens and beautiful fountains, and at night, a very energetic light show makes its way around the park. Food and drinks are quite affordable, and at various times can be accompanied by live music. And another awesome part? FOREIGNERS GET A MAJOR DISCOUNTBut what was the main attraction we had in mind when we made the day trip out of Seoul to Everland? That would be the famed T-Express, the very first wooden roller coaster in Korea.



In our eyes, Everland’s star attraction is T-Express, the massive wooden roller coaster setting records as the 4th tallest, 4th steepest, 6th longest, and 9th fastest wooden roller coaster in the world. While Everland has a few other roller coasters, T-Express definitely excites the most. In addition to being the first wooden roller coaster in South Korea, T-Express is the largest roller coaster of any kind in the country and has an incline of 77 degrees! Quite impressive. The line for T-Express was also of epic proportions, as we waited for over 2 hours (although anyone who’s been to Disneyland enough times knows to expect long waits at popular amusement parks). Still, T-Express is definitely worth the wait for roller coaster fans.


Other Rides

Besides the T-Express roller coaster, Everland Korea also has the Rolling X Train roller coaster, in addition to a variety of fun carnival rides. A steel roller coaster introduced to Korea during the Seoul Summer Olympic Games, the Rolling X Train offers two vertical loops and a double corkscrew. And what’s more, we found the line to be significantly shorter than that of T-Express!

Foreigner Discount

If you’re a foreigner in Korea and go to Everland, you can easily get a discount on admission. You can print a discount coupon that you can easily find on Everland’s website, and then bring the coupon to the foreigner ticket counter. The amount of discount you can get may vary throughout the year, but you’ll probably get at least a 20% discount. Additionally, the line for the foreigner ticket office will likely be shorter than the main admission line. 



Affordable Food (and Beer!)

Compared to amusement parks in the United States, the food at Everland Korea was very affordable.  In most American amusement parks, you can expect to pay an arm and a leg for food that’s not going to be very good. We found the food at Everland to be a welcome change from this type of food. There’s many different choices of food, from American to Korean and European choices, and everything in between. We ate at the European-themed food court with live music, and enjoyed a plate of delicious sausages. Did we mention that there’s beer available as well? Likewise, the Korean beer at Everland was 3000 won, about 3 USD! Not bad at all! Imported beer is also offered, but for a higher price.


Photograph by Jinho Jung via freeforcommercialuse.org


Enthusiastic Ride Staff

We’d never encountered ride staff like the ones we saw at Everland. They really pump up the excitement with their never-ending exhortations for cheering and clapping. What makes it even more enjoyable was that this is all done in a foreign language, so you have absolutely no idea what’s going on or what they are saying. It can make you feel like you’re participating in a TV show with the most enthusiastic announcer you’ve ever heard—all in Korean. Hearing the constant stream of excitable Korean when you’re hanging upside down really adds to the carnival-like atmosphere.

Photograph by technicolours via freeforcommercialuse.org


Nightly Parade and Light Show

Everland is known for its nightly parade of brilliantly illuminated floats. The parade that we saw easily rivaled parades that we had seen before at Disneyland. It’s lots of fun to watch the parade in a crowd of families and children as it spreads throughout South Korea’s largest theme park. Strangely enough, it seemed to us that most of the dancers in the parade were foreigners!


Photograph by Jaeeun Kim via freeforcommercialuse.org


Landscaped Grounds

As South Korea’s largest theme park, Everland Korea is a huge place, and much of its space is open and park-like. It is beautifully landscaped and manicured, with hedges, trees, and gardens. There are many places to take a photos (or selfies!). It’s also nice to sit down for a bit and relax in between rides.

Photograph by Rory Harnden via freeforcommercialuse.org

How to Get to Everland

You can take the subway or a bus to Everland.


  • Take Bundang line to Giheung Station. Transfer to Everline and get off at Jeondae/Everland. From this stop, you can take the free shuttle bus to Everland.


  • Bus # 5002 from Gangnam Station, walk about 300m east from the station to find the bus stop. It takes 40-50 minutes and costs 2100 won each way.
  • Bus # 5700 from Jamsil Station, take exit 6 and go to the center of the road where the buses stop. 2100 won each way.

To take the bus back from Everland, simply pick up the bus from where you got dropped off!



If you’re spending a few days in Seoul, we’d highly recommend a visit to Everland! It’s located close to Seoul, and is easy to reach by public transportation.  South Korea’s largest theme park also has a separate water park nearby (Caribbean Bay) which would be great if you’re trying to beat the summer heat in Korea! And if you’re looking for something fun to do in Seoul, you could check out Seoul’s Trick Eye Museum!


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Everland Korea: South Korea's Largest Theme Park! Featuring the famous T-Express roller coaster!


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