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O’Sulloc Tea Museum and Green Tea Fields: Jeju Island, South Korea

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A visit to O’Sulloc’s tea plantations of Jeju Island, South Korea will take you out of the city hustle and into sprawling viridescent fields rooted in Jeju’s mineral-rich volcanic rock soil. Rows of vibrant green tea shrubs stripe the hills on the island’s southwest side take you right to the source of O’Sulloc’s Master’s Green Tea, shrubs which produce a good chunk of Korea’s nokcha (green tea). The green tea fields are unlike anything else on Jeju Island, a prominent Korean destination for its Jeju tangerines and many beaches like Iho Beach, Sagye Beach, or this Hidden Beach.

Frolic freely at your whimsy through the waving rows until you find the O’Sulloc Tea Museum, dedicated to all things tea, enhanced with a relaxing indoor garden and lotus pond, as well as a bustling cafe serving all kinds of green tea treats (such as this O’Sulloc Green Tea Milk Spread) and a special Innisfree store.


Green Tea Fields on Jeju in South Korea

The many natural wonders of Jeju Island in South Korea attract millions of tourists each year—coming to climb the tallest mountain in South Korea, Hallasan, feast their eyes upon the stunning Korean cherry blossom trees, lay out on the island’s popular beaches or check out the view from Sunrise Peak. In fact, Jeju Island offers so much to see, that one could easily forget a visit to the O’Sulloc Tea Museum and its green tea plantations—but you shouldn’t!



O’Sulloc Tea

O’Sulloc currently has 4 upscale teahouses/cafes in Seoul, and grows their tea on Jeju Island. Located right in the midst of acres of these verdant fields, the Tea Museum and the Innisfree House bring tourists interested in walking through the fields and sampling some of the company’s famous green tea products. The fields closer to the museum itself tend to bring more tourist crowds, so to avoid this, we spent most of our time exploring the open fields a bit removed from the museum.

Ben walking through the green tea field on Jeju Island, South Korea

O’Sulloc Tea Fields

Plentiful and verdant tea plantations dot the western part of Jeju Island. Known as the Seogwang Tea Garden, the area surrounding the O’Sulloc Tea Museum is the largest tea plantation in Korea at over .5 square km.

Having missed the bus that stops at the green tea museum, we walked the few kilometers from the other bus stop to the museum. Approaching the museum, green tea fields flanked both sides of the road.

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Shortly before arriving the museum itself, we discovered a tea field that was in a beautiful setting upon rolling hills and the shoulder of an oreum (small volcano). With a little trial and error, we found our way to the exact spot we had viewed from the road that we had wanted to reach. While the tea fields are certainly private property, it seems that visitors can come and go as they please on the fields.

Visiting the tea fields on a sunny summer day might get a little toasty in the heat. We visited on a cool and overcast spring day, the cloudiness the perfect complement for the lush green tea. The whole time in this field, we only saw one other family of four. We had the field to ourselves for most of the time. It is very peaceful and quiet in such a field, the fresh Jeju breeze marking the only sound upon your ears.

O'Sulloc Tea Mug Sign on Jeju Island

O’Sulloc Tea Museum

The O’Sulloc Tea Museum itself is a contemporary-looking building shaped like a giant teacup. The museum’s exhibits illustrate the history of tea drinking in Korea and around the world. The museum displays many tea artifacts, including hundreds of tea cups from many different countries. Visitors to the museum’s observation deck can also view a beautiful panorama of the tea fields.

If you don’t feel like making the walk to the further-removed tea fields, you can find tea fields right in front of the museum. More crowded with selfie-takers than other fields, these are still beautiful and very well-maintained. Just keep in mind that you won’t be alone here!

O'Sulloc's green tea plantations on Jeju Island

O’Sulloc Green Tea Cafe

The most popular attraction at the Tea Museum, though, is its café. When we visited, the café was so busy that the line stretched all the way down its length! It’s safe to assume that the café is usually very busy on weekends or holidays.  The café sells O’Sulloc tea drinks and food, including green tea lattes and green tea rolls. As a tourist attraction, the prices at the café are quite high, but this doesn’t stop the droves of tourists from sipping their lattes or munching on their rolls. On a busy day, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an open table, as eagle-eyed patrons eagerly seek them out and snatch them up as soon as they become available.

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Jeju Innisfree House

A popular brand of natural cosmetics and beauty products in Korea, Innisfree uses ingredients from Jeju Island to fill many of their products. Full of many special products that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, the Jeju Innisfree House can be found right next door to the Tea Museum.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum
 Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion
Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam
Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin Care Set



Just like the museum café, tourists also visit the Innisfree House in droves. Not only a store,  the Innisfree House also has a café and an interactive soap-making workshop. Visitors can make their own soap from local Jeju products, for a fee. The Innisfree House café offers drinks and snacks in a beautiful setting. The walls of the Innisfree House have floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing patrons to enjoy the beautiful view out to the tea fields while they enjoy their beverage or snack.

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How to Get to O’Sulloc

Getting to O’Sulloc is easy, as the museum is directly serviced by public transportation.

Walking to O'Sulloc on Jeju Island
From Jeju-si: From Jeju-si intercity bus terminal, take Intercity Bus 755 and get off at the O’Sulloc stop. The bus stop is directly in front of the museum.

From Seogwipo: Take a westbound intercity bus from Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal (781, 781-1, 781-2, 961) to Donggwang Six-Way Intersection. Transfer to a westbound 755 bus, and get off at the O’Sulloc stop.


O’Sulloc Tea Museum
15, Sinhwayeoksa-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
제주특별자치도 서귀포시 안덕면 신화역사로 15
Phone Number for Car GPS: 794-5312
Open year-round, from 9 AM to 6 PM


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A visit to the O’Sulloc Tea Museum and the tea fields of Jeju Island provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of Korean tea. If you find yourself on Jeju Island, South Korea, we definitely recommend that you drop by the tea fields, if not the museum, too. Get some beautiful photos of tea, and why not treat yourself to a rich latte while you’re at it?


Looking for some more ideas for things to do on Jeju Island? Check out the Ultimate Jeju Island Experience!

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A guide to to the bright green tea fields of the O'Sulloc Tea Museum on the beautiful Jeju Island off the coast of South Korea.


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    omg i LOVE green tea products! those treats just look soooo yummy! maybe i can do it on my own 🙂

    • Reply
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      So delicious and also quite good for you! I always have a jar of matcha green tea powder on hand 🙂

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    Wow, I had no idea that this place existed in South Korea! I am an avid tea drinker and I especially love green tea. Green tea ice cream is one of my favorite desserts as well. I’ll definitely check out this place next time I visit South Korea.

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      It’s just so tasty! Definitely worth checking out!

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    This looks like an amazing trip to Jeju island, South Korea! I have to admit that green tea is not one of my favorite drinks, but I know it is good for me to drink so I have it from time to time. The green tea fields and museum look interesting, and I wouldn’t mind having a green tea treat at the cafe!

    • Reply
      Lauren West
      October 23, 2016 at 1:52 pm

      Even if you don’t enjoy the taste of the green tea, you’ll certainly appreciate the beauty of the fields!

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    I’ve read quite a bit about Jeju lately but had no blue about the team museum. How cup the building is shaped like a tea cup. The pictures remind me down what if the rice fields in Bali. So pretty!

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      Oh cool, we’re heading to Bali ourselves in December! We’ll have to compare!

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    This is so interesting! I love tea and would get so much out of this itinerary! Jeju Island definitely has so much of what I would enjoy.

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      Jeju definitely has a little something for everyone!

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    Tina and Jimmy
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    I’d be totally fascinated with O’Sulloc Tea Museum and learning about the history of Tea around the world. I grew up on drinking Tea and coffee in America and then Moving to the UK, It’s hard to think anybody drinks more tea than they do 🙂 I watched a documentary on Tea fields in China and It was quite interesting and have tried Sri Lankan tea which is wonderful. would like to visit this place.

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      Lauren West
      November 16, 2016 at 3:19 am

      It’s pretty cool–my favorite part was exploring the tea fields!

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    Ive heard so much about Jeju but this is the first time knowing about the tea! I looooove tea so this makes me want to visit even more. Thanks for the itinerary! Retweeted and will bookmark for when we go 😊

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      Yeah green tea isn’t a huge part of traditional Korean culture, so these tea fields are some of the few places in Korea to enjoy the splendor of the tea fields!

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    To be honest, I was first drawn in by your photos. It kind of reminded me of rice fields in Vietnam! I am definitely a huge tea person, though, so I would definitely be willing to splurge a little on some fresh green tea snacks and drinks 🙂 Thanks for pointing out the museum 🙂

    • Reply
      Lauren West
      October 23, 2016 at 1:56 pm

      Glad you enjoyed it, Deni! I definitely see some similarity to the Vietnamese rice fields as well!

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    […] O’Sulloc Tea Museum and Green Tea Fields: Jeju Island, South Korea […]

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