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Lakshman Sagar in Rajasthan: One of the Best Resorts in India

A restored 19th c. hunting lodge, Lakshman Sagar in Rajasthan offers the best of nature with luxury amenities, making it one of the best resorts in India!

In a quiet corner of the Indian desert state of Rajasthan lies the supremely serene Lakshman Sagar resort, a restored 19th century hunting lodge and one of the best hotels in Jodhpur India. Lakshman Sagar proves itself to be one of the best resorts in India for several reasons. From the thoughtful and attractive design of this Rajasthan hotel, to the dedication of its staff, the Lakshman Sagar resort proudly makes a name for itself as one of the top hotels in India. Every aspect of this luxury hotel, from its natural surroundings, stunning interior design, exquisite dining, and impeccable service, makes the Lakshman Sagar resort one of the best resorts in India. Read on for our review of our Lakshman Sagar experience!

Check out our experience at the Lakshman Sagar resort in the video below!


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Luxury India hotel experience in Rajasthan

Stay at a Royal Hunting Lodge at Lakshman Sagar: Best Rajasthan Hotel

Sitting on 32 quiet and tranquil acres near the Rajasthan town of Raipur near Jodhpur India, the Lakshman Sagar resort is built on the site of a former royal hunting ground dating to the 19th century. The grounds of this top Rajasthan hotel are centered around a small man-made lake, built to attract game for the local royals to hunt at their leisure. Around the lake, guests at the Lakshman Sagar resort find 12 exceedingly private and exquisitely designed stand-alone cottages to enjoy their own oasis at this hotel in Jodhpur India.

5 star hotels in India experience at Lakshman Sagar

Keeping with the style of the historical hunting lodge, the pink-curtained Zanana (women’s quarters) and the blue-curtained Mardana (men’s quarters) buildings serve as dining areas at this Indian hotel. The Zanana and Mardana also provide guests with a multitude of unique and attractive seating areas to enjoy both the architecture of this luxury hotel in India, as well as the beauty of the natural landscape—a thoughtful touch that helps make Lakshman Sagar one of the best resorts in India!


Dining area at Lakshman Sagar in Rajasthan, India



Visiting hotels in Jodhpur, India

Lakshman Sagar Resort: An Ode to Local Culture

The entire Lakshman Sagar resort has been meticulously designed to hearken to the rich traditional Rajasthani culture which still holds strong in this western Indian desert region. At this top luxury hotel in India, local materials of wood, stone, and mud speak to the commitment of Lakshman Sagar to the ‘zero kilometer’ ethos of local sustainability in environment and culture. This top hotel in Jodhpur India merges local Rajasthani designs with eco-friendly sensibility in the twelve private guest cottages as well. The beauty of this resort is unique and inspiring—melding tradition with a fresh sensibility that makes Lakshman Sagar one of the best resorts in India!

Beautiful details for hotels in Jodhpur, India

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Luxury & Privacy at Lakshman Sagar in Jodhpur India

The twelve 900-square-feet cottages at this top luxury hotel in India feel incredibly spacious and utterly relaxing, with living spaces organically flowing into one another. Each cottage has been built with the undulating natural topography of the hilly landscape in mind, and each recalls the others while still being unique.

Private luxury cottage in Rajasthan resort

The cottages at Lakshman Sagar are elegantly furnished with vibrant touches of Rajasthani culture, including cushions and Rajasthan attire. A lovely local flair is the trio of brightly-colored drinks of rose, citrus, and vetiver to be enjoyed in your room or basking in the sun at your pool. The mud and stone walls and thatched roofs coupled with modern comforts inside elevate the guest experience at Lakshman Sagar, contributing to Lakshman Sagar being one of the best resorts in India. In-room fireplaces and incense provide an extra touch of coziness at this top Rajasthan hotel.

Bathroom in cottage at Lakshman Sagar resort

If the utter comfort and tranquility of these cottages themselves wasn’t enough, the private guest cottages of Lakshman Sagar also feature their own rock-cut pools for guest enjoyment. There’s no better way to beat the heat of Rajasthan than a dip in your own private pool at your doorstep. Touches like this show why Lakshman Sagar is without a doubt one of the best resorts in India.

Cottage at top hotels in India


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Fine Dining at Lakshman Sagar: The Best of Hotels in Jodhpur

In keeping with the commitment to the ‘zero kilometer’ ethos of this top hotel in India, the meals at Lakshman Sagar are locally sourced from the vast vegetable garden of the resort, as well as from the nearby community. Guests dining at Lakshman Sagar are in for a treat, as the unique meals are of high quality and utmost freshness, and the culinary experience of Lakshman Sagar certainly contributes to it being one of the best resorts in India. Guests of this luxury hotel in India can have a customized dining experience: enjoy a meal by a roaring campfire or while relaxing by the lake.

Food at Lakshman Sagar, Rajasthan, India

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Local Experiences & Activities at the Lakshman Sagar Resort

A variety of activities and experiences are available at Lakshman Sagar, just one of the qualities that make it one of the best resorts in India. These activities, ranging from local liquor tasting, goat herding, and nature walks provide an interesting viewpoint into the local culture surrounding this Rajasthan hotel.

Looking for luxury Indian hotels experience

There’s also a lot to do without leaving the grounds of this top luxury hotel in India. While each cottage at this hotel in Jodhpur India boasts its own private pool, for a change of scenery, why not enjoy a lounge or take a dip in the main pool? The pool is just one of many prime sunset-viewing spots at this top Rajasthan hotel.

Pool at one of the best resorts in India

For those interested in nature and wildlife, a stay at Lakshman Sagar resort shows why this is one of the best resorts in India. For one thing, the amount of birds that live in and around this top luxury hotel in India blows the mind. India, as a whole, features fantastic avian life, but the amount of birds that live at the Lakshman Sagar resort is incredible. Watching flocks of peacocks fly to roost in the late evening dusk remains one of my favorite memories of our stay at this top luxury hotel in Jodhpur India. Local deer can also easily be spotted in the hills on the far side of the lake at this Rajasthan hotel near Jodhpur India.

Sunset in Rajasthan, India

The night sky at Lakshman Sagar is also one of its top attractions that helps its status as one of the best resorts in India. Due to its location in a remote corner of Rajasthan, the night sky is usually quite dark at Lakshman Sagar. The friendly staff at this top luxury hotel in India will happily give you a tour of the stars and constellations while you relax on one of the rooftop seating areas.


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Enjoying the Jodhpur India resort experience

Our Stay at the Best Rajasthan Hotel near Jodhpur India

After a long and dusty bus journey to the small town of Haripur, the closest town to Lakshman Sagar, we were more than ready to enjoy everything that this top luxury hotel in India had to offer. From the minute we stepped foot at Lakshman Sagar, we could tell immediately what sets it apart from hundreds of other Indian hotels.

Luxury hotels in India: Lakshman Sagar

Everything at Lakshman Sagar is so well-integrated into the natural environment. From the way the Zanana and Mardana buildings take advantage of natural rock outcroppings to give them the best viewpoint over the landscape, to the way the rock-cut pools hug the curves of the land, every aspect of this Rajasthan hotel feels in touch with the local environment.

Relaxation at Lakshman Sagar

The materials used at this top luxury hotel in Jodhpur India make the buildings feel like natural projections of the landscape. While relaxing in your private cottage, you feel at once encompassed by the natural environment while being shielded from the sometimes harsh environment of Rajasthan.

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The food, staff, and service at Lakshman Sagar resort set it apart from other Indian hotels, ranking it high on our list of best resorts in India. Each day, I looked forward to the delicious and fresh meals that we would be served, and I was always pleased! The staff working at Lakshman Sagar truly care about providing the best guest experience, and do not hesitate to go the extra mile in accommodating whatever you may need, whether it’s your cottage fireplace being lit for you or a ride back to Jodhpur.

The ground around the Lakshman Sagar Resort

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India can be a hectic and and chaotic country to visit, and Lakshman Sagar was able to provide the rest and relaxation that other Indian hotels just weren’t able to fully offer us. The all-encompassing Lakshman Sagar experience is an absolute treat, and we recommend it as one of the best resorts in India. We enjoyed every minute of our stay at Lakshman Sagar, and were so sad to leave! We were left with nothing but good memories of our stay at this top Rajasthan hotel near Jodhpur India.

Our Rajasthan hotel pick is Lakshman Sagar


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In a country of thousands of hotels spread across thousands of miles, Lakshman Sagar stands head and shoulders above other Indian hotels. Along with its commitment to promoting the local culture and environment of Rajasthan, this top luxury hotel in India also goes above and beyond in providing unique and luxurious experiences for its guests. At Lakshman Sagar, you get the full package of enjoying the beauty of Rajasthan’s nature and culture while feeling utterly relaxed and insulated from the troubles of the outside world. Lakshman Sagar resort shows itself as more than just another hotel in Jodhpur India: you’ll fondly remember your time spent here for much longer than that last cry of the peacocks at sunset lasts.

Vibrant Indian heritage in Rajasthan, India


Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with Lakshman Sagar, but as always, all opinions are very much our own!

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A restored 19th c. hunting lodge, Lakshman Sagar in Rajasthan offers the best of nature with luxury amenities, making it one of the best resorts in India! A restored 19th c. hunting lodge, Lakshman Sagar in Rajasthan offers the best of nature with luxury amenities, making it one of the best resorts in India!

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