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Park Hotel Tokyo: A Unique Luxury Hotel with a High Art Concept

A hotel review of the 4-star luxury Park Hotel Tokyo, transporting guests with its sparkling Tokyo city views and exclusive Japanese artist-designed rooms. One of the best hotels in Tokyo Japan!

Finding the best hotels in Tokyo Japan is no easy feat in one of the world’s largest cities with over 100,000 hotel rooms. You’ve likely heard of capsule hotels or those other Tokyo hotels so small you couldn’t do a jumping jack in them—but what about spacious, beautiful accommodation that matches the energy of a city thriving on culture? In our search for the best Tokyo hotels, we came across a hotel as unique as the city of Tokyo itself—the remarkably special, art-inspired Park Hotel Tokyo. Located in Shiodome Tokyo, the Park Hotel Tokyo offers guests a one-of-a-kind art concept hotel experience with its superb comfort, convenience, and design aesthetics tapping into the heart of renowned Japanese artists—not to mention the hotel offers spectacular views of the Tokyo city skyline. Combining stunning modernity with eye-pleasing design and artwork, the Park Hotel Tokyo tops the list of the best hotels in Tokyo for those international travelers looking for something special in their Japan travel experience.

Here’s our review of one of the best hotels in Tokyo Japan!

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Park Hotel Tokyo: Where Luxury Meets Art

The 4-star luxury of the Park Hotel Tokyo transports guests into a world of the sky-high elite, offering an aesthetic feast of Tokyo’s sparkling business district from its Japanese artist-designed rooms. The view itself is captivating—starting on the 25th floor of the Shiodome Media Tower, the Park Hotel Tokyo offers stunning views of Tokyo’s skyline, Tokyo Tower, and even Mt. Fuji. But beyond the view, the unique Artist Rooms of the Park Hotel Tokyo captivate guests with their stunning integration of art, culture, and Japanese life. It is this art gallery hotel concept that elevates the Park Hotel Tokyo Shiodome to the top of the list of the best hotels in Tokyo Japan, offering guests the opportunity to stay in rooms that are true works of art.

City view of Shiodome Tokyo

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A Tokyo Hotel with a Unique Concept

The Park Hotel Tokyo has its ART concept at its core (atrium, restaurants, and travel), offering guests ultra modern facilities for a comfortable and relaxing stay in a sleek and beautiful environment. The blue, green, and red logo of the Park Hotel Tokyo says it all—blue embodying tranquility and comfort, green representing the Japanese closeness to nature, and red conveying the warmth of at-home hospitality. Our stay at the Park Hotel Tokyo Shiodome embodied each of these concepts, from the sky-high atrium incorporating chic modernity with tranquil natural elements to the impeccable service throughout the hotel and its restaurants. With each detail of our stay so carefully attended to by the staff and concept of the Park Hotel Tokyo, we have no doubt that this is one of the best hotels in Tokyo Japan.

Beyond its concept, the Park Hotel Tokyo offers guests every convenience  you would expect in a luxury Tokyo hotel, including a gym and the THANN Sanctuary (rated one of the Hot 55 Spas of the World by Conde Nast Traveler), as well as attentive room service and on-site laundry service.


Art Concept of Park Hotel Tokyo in Japan


Blending Natural Elements in a City Setting 

Entering the hotel through its 10 floor-high atrium, you are immediately introduced to the transportive design concept of the Park Hotel Tokyo. The atrium’s teak and granite flooring as well as its original wooden artwork blended with stone objects, trees, and flowers, is the perfect marriage of natural elements in a magical city setting. The huge windows framing the lobby provide an incredible view of Mt. Fuji and the Tokyo cityscape, showcasing the Park Hotel Tokyo as a gem dotting the modern majesty of the Tokyo skyline. Blending the natural elements seamlessly in a city setting, the Park Hotel Tokyo easily tops our list of one of the best hotels in Tokyo Japan.


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Guests staying in the hotel’s special Artist Rooms can enjoy the beauty of these Japanese themes from the comfort of their beds, with walls designed by Japanese artists themselves to evoke the essence of Japanese art and culture with a stunning city view.


Atrium Lobby at Park Hotel Tokyo

The Artist Rooms of the Park Hotel Tokyo

Perhaps the crown jewels in the design and concept of the Park Hotel Tokyo are its spectacular Artist Rooms. Located on the 31st floor, the 24 rooms are filled ceiling-to-floor, wall-to-wall with artwork by some of the most notable Japanese artists offering their creative vision of Japan. Each room is a unique work of art—an exclusive art gallery escape into the point of view of an artist encapsulating a special element of Japanese culture for your unique hotel Japan travel experience. The Artist Rooms at the Park Hotel Tokyo not only allow you to stay inside art, but also to touch and feel the artist’s unique visions of Japan.


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With its exclusive “Artist in Residence” project, the Park Hotel Tokyo invited some of the country’s top artists to stay in the hotel and enjoy its atmosphere and environment until struck by artistic inspiration. The artists then imbued each room with their own unique visions, granted complete creative license by the hotel to turn each room into a work of art. During this transformation, the artists stayed at the hotel to be fully immersed in the creative process, with the final results offering a unique look into the artists’ view of the world.


Park Hotel Tokyo, Japan Travel review

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Staying in the Geisha Goldfish Artist Room by Aki Narita

We were lucky enough to stay in the beautifully painted Geisha Goldfish room at the Park Hotel Tokyo, and enjoyed every second of it. The artist, Aky Narita, perfectly conveys the feeling of being inside a vibrant, Japanese-themed aquarium through her stunning brush strokes. Boldly-colored goldfish glide over the entire room and in the bathroom, giving the entire room a sense of floaty, whimsical freedom, guided by a pair of beautiful geisha on the wall. The room really spoke to our artistic sides—we truly LOVED it!

Most artistic hotels in Japan

In ancient Japanese times, a dream of  being in a room surrounded by goldfish was interpreted as a sign of good luck for the dreamer. Artist Aki Narita hopes to impart these dreams of good luck to Park Hotel Tokyo guests with her artwork—we certainly felt lucky to be surrounded by her beautiful work while enjoying the immaculate view of the Tokyo tower and surrounding cityscape.


Park Hotel Tokyo, perfect for luxury and comfort

A Peak into the Other Artist Rooms

The 31 artist rooms each have their own distinct style and atmosphere. While staying in an Artist Room ourselves,we had the chance to explore some of the other wonderful Artist Rooms at the Park Hotel Tokyo, in all their beauty and variety. Here are some of our favorites!


Japanese Artist Rooms at Park Hotel Tokyo

Wabi Sabi Room by Conami Hara

This dramatic room, decorated with silver leaf, foil, driftwood, and walls of red, brown, and blue, captures the image of the arid-landscape rock garden of the Zen temple Ryoan-ji in Kyoto. Just as the 15 stones of Ryoan-ji’s garden are placed, the 15 pieces of driftwood are strategically positioned so that, no matter where you are viewing them from, one piece is always hidden from view. A special atmosphere in the room is created by the texture and appearance of silver leaf, accomplished by a sulfurized chemical treatment. The changes of the appearance of the silver over time represent the passage of time in the work.


Bamboo room by Japanese Artist in Tokyo

Bamboo Room by Yoshitaka Nishikawa

Upon entering the room, you’ll first notice the rich green color bringing a calming sense of natural tranquility. The bamboo trees painted on the wall stretch up to the sky, making you feel as if you are journeying deeper and deeper into a bamboo forest. The artist intended guests to take break from the hustle and bustle of the city and truly relax in this peaceful room. The artwork is intended to be appreciated from many angles, whether a guest is lying down on the bed or standing at the window.


Unique Luxury Artist Room at Park Hotel Tokyo

The Tale of Genji Room by Takushi Mizuno

The Tale of Genji is a classic piece of Japanese literature and cultural heritage dating to the 11th century. In this room, the artist expresses the mythical atmosphere which they felt through the story. Guests of this room will enjoy the glamorous lifestyle of the Heian Period from a thousand years ago as they are surrounded by evocative images of Japan’s past while taking in the view of the beautiful Hamarikyu Gardens and Tokyo Bay.


Festival Art at the best hotel for experience Japan Culture Travel

Festival Room by Nanami Ishihara

For this room, the artist wanted to depict a festival that never ends. This lively and detailed room is alive from floor to ceiling, and bathroom to window with bold and vivid images including rabbits, elephants, gods, and people all dancing together at a Japanese festival. An air vent is painted like the mouth of a dancing festival lion, and throughout the room the artist’s sense of joy and playfulness is very present. You can’t help but feel happy when you walk into this room! The joyful quirkiness of this room made it an absolute favorite of mine!


Set in the Modern Shiodome Area

The Park Hotel Tokyo boasts a fantastic location in Shiodome, one of Tokyo’s most modern areas, within 1 kilometer of the world-famous Tsukiji fish market and 2 kilometers of Tokyo Tower. Convenient to reach by Tokyo’s public transportation, the Park Hotel Tokyo is connected to the Shiodome and Shimbashi subway stations in its basement, making all of Tokyo easily accessible from its doorstep.  The ease of public transportation access and the incredible view of the modern city both work to make the Park Hotel Tokyo one of the best hotels in Tokyo Japan.


Park Hotel Tokyo, Best Hotels in Tokyo Japan


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Park Hotel Tokyo Restaurants

Three immaculately designed restaurants and dining areas frame the lobby. Head to the ART Lounge for some tasty Western bites and drinks, contemporary French at Tateru Yoshino Bis, and kaiseki-style Japanese at  Hanasanshou. A Western and Japanese-style buffet is served daily for breakfast between 7:00 and 10:30 in the 25th floor ART Lounge, which, for us, was the perfect way to start our day of exploring the city of Tokyo. Additionally, the Park Hotel Tokyo offers guests a choice of seven different dining venues, plus three meeting rooms/banquet halls. Each venue offers a variety of healthy menu choices that are based on the concept of nature, health, and art.


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We enjoyed every moment spent in our room at Park Hotel Tokyo Shiodome, whether we were taking in the breathtaking Tokyo city view from the window seat or relaxing on the plush bed while viewing the intriguing goldfish everywhere. While the room, its amenities, and the view are more than enough on their own, the addition of mesmerizing artwork throughout the room truly places the experience of the artist rooms at Park Hotel Tokyo at the top of the best hotels in Tokyo Japan. While any time staying at the Park Hotel Tokyo will definitely be a highlight of your hotel Japan travel experience, we can’t recommend their immaculately conceived Artist Rooms enough for being one of the most beautiful and exciting hotel experiences we’ve ever been lucky enough to have. Enjoy the brilliant exposition of Park Hotel Tokyo’s commitment to impeccable service, luxury, and modern design during your stay at one of the best hotels in Tokyo Japan!


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Tokyo city view for Japan travel


Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with Park Hotel Tokyo, but as always, all opinions are very much our own!

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A hotel review of the 4-star luxury Park Hotel Tokyo, transporting guests with its sparkling Tokyo city views and exclusive Japanese artist-designed rooms. One of the best hotels in Tokyo Japan! A hotel review of the 4-star luxury Park Hotel Tokyo, transporting guests with its sparkling Tokyo city views and exclusive Japanese artist-designed rooms. One of the best hotels in Tokyo Japan!

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