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Peter the Grill at The Peninsula Tokyo Hotel: A Tokyo Restaurant Review

With sleek design, top-notch service, stunning views and delectable dishes, Peter the Grill at Peninsula Tokyo Hotel is a must-try for your trip to Japan! One of the best Tokyo restaurants we had the chance to enjoy!

Floating high in the Tokyo heavens on the 24th floor of the Peninsula Tokyo Hotel, Peter the Grill is a sleek grill restaurant offering refined, quality steakhouse and seafood favorites with a delectable twist. We enjoyed 4- and 5-course meals at this Tokyo restaurant, enjoying the elegant range of the Peninsula grill menu and the modern elegance of the design of the Peter Peninsula Tokyo Hotel restaurant while taking in mesmerizing views of Tokyo’s Imperial Palace and Hibiya Park.


Here’s our Tokyo restaurant review of Peter the Grill at the Peninsula Tokyo Hotel!

These photographs were all taken on our Canon 80D. Make sure to check out our essential cameras for every traveler guide for more info.

A Sleek Tokyo Restaurant

Matching an avant-garde design with an equally exciting Tokyo city view, Peter the Grill at the Peninsula Tokyo Hotel brings a fresh vibe that is as hip as it is sexy. A feast for the eyes, the dining room at Peter the Grill at the Peninsula Tokyo Hotel features shimmering metallic trees, pod-shaped sofas, and floor-to-ceiling windows pleasing to the eye no matter where you look. Decorated in classic Japanese colors, such as nasu—the deep purple of eggplant—and lavender, wood, and steel, the design of this Tokyo restaurant at the Peninsula Tokyo Hotel blends elements in a strikingly modern way. Ambient beat music and friendly, attractive waiters all add energy and fun to the luxury dining experience at Peter the Grill at the Peninsula Tokyo hotel.


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A Modern Twist on Japanese Ingredients

The menu at Peter the Grill at the Peninsula Tokyo hotel proudly features fresh Japanese ingredients and flavors with a modern flourish. Open for lunch and dinner, as well as Sunday brunch, the Peninsula Grill menu offers diners a three, four, or five course menu. For our Tokyo restaurant rendezvous at Peter, I opted for a 4-course lunch, while Ben sprung for the 5-course Peninsula grill menu.

For more descriptions of the dishes offered at the Peninsula Tokyo Hotel Restaurant, look at the Peter dinner menu, lunch menu, and drink menu.


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A Revelatory Tokyo Dining Experience

A delectable epicurean journey from beginning to end, our Peter the Grill dining experience started with a bit of bubbly—we enjoyed our glasses of champagne while taking in the commanding views of the city from the comfort of the Peninsula Tokyo restaurant. Enjoying the stylish decor and hospitable service, we then dove into the deliciously warm and fresh Peter bread with fried onions, topped with a smear of rich Hokkaido butter. We were already off to a scrumptious start, and the first course hadn’t even been brought out yet!

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The First Course: Seafood Appetizers

The elegant presentation of each dish made them almost too pretty to eat. The first dish brought out was the lightly seared Chiba bonito with a rakkyo pickles vinaigrette, a supple pile of melt-in-your-mouth bonito delicately framed by endive and herbs, with the subtle creamy tang of the vinaigrette. Next, we enjoyed the artistic masterpiece Chutoro Tuna carpaccio, as delicious as it was beautifully plated, with accents of wasabi and avocado cream, and dainty edible flowers.



For our final appetizer, we were delighted to see the arrival of the Red Snow Crab Cakes. Crisp and light, the perfectly cooked crab cakes were elevated with the zest of citrus and herbal infusion of cilantro. These Peninsula Hotel Tokyo crab cakes rose to the top of the list of the best crab cakes I’ve ever eaten, accentuated tastefully with a light and flavorful dressing of ancho chili mayonnaise, coriander, and lime.


The Main Dishes: Sea Bass, Beef Ramp, and Scallops

The sea bass, the Fish of the Day at the Peter Peninsula Tokyo Hotel restaurant, came fresh from the world-famous Tsukiji Fish market—an exciting, sumptuous leap into the main course dishes. Vibrant yellow hues give major presentation points to the dish. As for taste, the fish was cooked to tender perfection, further brought to life with flavors of fennel and Hiroshima lemon.



The next course to delight our tastebuds was the immaculately slow-cooked Iwate Tankaku beef ramp with a spectacular wasabi salsa verde. Tender, soft meat kissed our lips as it glided effortlessly off the fork, complemented by lusciously meaty mushrooms and a delectably rich, nutty sauce.



Perhaps the crown jewel of the meal were the scallops. The Peninsula Tokyo Hotel Peter grill restaurant Hokkaido scallops bore the beautiful amber-colored sear marks of a talented chef. The perfectly cooked seafood lay atop a base of fresh vegetables with a creamy and tangy Tokushima sudachi lime-like citrus butter sauce that I couldn’t get enough of. I can honestly say they are the best scallops I have ever eaten!


A Zesty Dessert Experience

The Green Yuzu Cream with lychee sorbet was everything we hoped it would be: refreshing and zesty, hitting the perfect notes for dessert at Peter the Grill at the Peninsula Tokyo hotel. Normally a chocolate girl myself, this Yuzu dessert slammed any choco-cravings I’ve ever had away. From the creamy yuzu, to the cold, sweet sorbet, the crunchy candied oranges and the buttery crumble on top, this Green Yuzu Cream dessert was a revelatory experience that was not only a highlight of the meal, but one of the best desserts I’ve ever had!



While I was so enamored with my own dessert dish, I didn’t have the chance to sample any of the the Yamanashi Peach Tart that Ben ordered, but the crust looked buttery and soft, with vibrant fresh fruit on the side. Ben added that it had just the right amount of richness without being too decadent, the perfect dessert for someone like Ben who doesn’t have as much of a sweet tooth as I do.



Peter the Grill at the Peninsula Tokyo Hotel: The Service

Service at Peter Peninsula Tokyo was impeccable, everything and more than you would expect for a luxury dining experience in a Tokyo restaurant. We were greeted with champagne flutes, and never had to ask for any service, whether it was more divine Peter bread, sparkling water with lime, or anything else we might have needed. Waiters at Peter Peninsula Tokyo are all friendly and knowledgeable about the menu, and are more than happy to assist you in making a recommendation if you can’t choose from all the delicious options at the Peninsula Hotel Tokyo.


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All of the elements at Peter the Grill at the Peninsula Tokyo Hotel combine perfectly to provide a stellar, five-star luxury dining experience at one of the best hotels in Tokyo. The melding of the super-modern design, incredible views, delectable menu, and wonderful service ensures that diners at Peter at the Peninsula Hotel Tokyo will finish their meals in the same awe of the feast for the senses they’ve just enjoyed as we did.


Want to try Peter the Grill at the Peninsula Tokyo Hotel for yourself? Head to their website to book a table now!



Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with the Peninsula Tokyo Hotel, but as always, all opinions are very much our own!

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With sleek design, top-notch service, stunning views and delectable dishes, Peter the Grill at Peninsula Tokyo Hotel is a must-try for your trip to Japan! One of the best Tokyo restaurants we had the chance to enjoy! With sleek design, top-notch service, stunning views and delectable dishes, Peter the Grill at Peninsula Tokyo Hotel is a must-try for your trip to Japan! One of the best Tokyo restaurants we had the chance to enjoy!

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