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How to Rent Korean Hanbok in Seoul (The Traditional Korean Dress)

The ultimate guide to rent Korean hanbok in Seoul. We found the most convenient and affordable way to rent this traditional Korean dress in South Korea! Renting hanbok in Seoul is one of the best things to do in South Korea, and definitely a top thing to do in Seoul!

Gracing the scene of Seoul’s many palaces or traditional hanok neighborhoods is the beautiful traditional Korean dress,  known as hanbok in Korea. It’s quite popular to be photographed wearing hanbok in Insadong or any of the palaces or traditional villages in South Korea, especially for young couples in spring and autumn. In fact, wearing Korean hanbok to a palace in Seoul can get you free admission! Why not join in the fun and rent Korean hanbok yourself? After finishing two years teaching English abroad on Jeju Island, we did exactly that—and have never enjoyed a frolic around Seoul’s may beautiful sights more. The two of us spent our very last day in South Korea by visiting Oneday Hanbok in Seoul and learning how to rent Korean hanbok for ourselves.

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Here’s our guide to renting Korean Hanbok in Seoul!

How to Arrange Korean Hanbok Couples Rental

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So, What is Hanbok?

The term hanbok refers to all traditional Korean clothing, but usually refers to clothing from the Joseon period reserved for holidays and other special occasions in Korea. With graceful, simple lines and vibrant, bold colors, the character of the Korean hanbok is striking and impossible not to adore as you wander around the streets of Seoul.

Hanbok consists of two main parts: the jeogori (upper garment) and baji (pants) or chima (skirt). The wide and open arms of the jeogori are said to represent the warmth and compassion of the Korean people, while the loose-fitting and voluminous skirts represent space and freedom. The traditional Korean dress we refer to as hanbok are loose-fitting, allowing for ease of movement and sitting on the floor. Sounds like my kinda clothing!

Korean Hanbok in Seoul

Insadong is one of the best places to spot Korean hanbok.

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Origin of the Traditional Korean Dress 

Rainy Seoul in Hanbok, South KoreaThe beauty of the traditional Korean dress known as hanbok has made an impact in Korea for at least 1,600 years. Oh yes—the beauty of the Korean hanbok is certainly matched in its lasting vitality. In fact, ancient murals from the Goguryeo Dynasty depicting hanbok imagery attest to its antiquity. The styles of Korean hanbok have evolved over the centuries, and have been influenced by fashions of neighboring peoples, such as the Chinese and Mongolians. Fast forward to the 21st century, and you and I can now rent a Korean hanbok and experience the traditional Korean dress that has graced the culture for all this time!

Oneday Hanbok offers traditional Korean hanbok styles, as well as the more modern silhouettes, which feature slimmer, cinched in waistlines. Lauren tried on both styles at Oneday Hanbok, and just had to choose the more flattering modern cinched-in style!



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Rent Korean Hanbok in Seoul, South Korea

Interested in how to rent Korean hanbok in Seoul for yourself? For our last day in South Korea, we couldn’t bear to waste any time wandering the streets of Insadong or Bukchon to find a Korean hanbok rental location. Instead, we did some research, discovered Oneday Hanbok and were immediately sold. With beautiful hanbok options, affordable prices, and a super convenient location, Oneday Hanbok was an obvious choice to rent Korean hanbok for our brief goodbye trip in Seoul! The Oneday Hanbok store, perfectly located near Bukcheon and Changdeokgung Palace, offers everything you need to go out on the town in full Korean traditional dress.


Renting a Korean Traditional Hanbok for Couples

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Arranging Your Oneday Hanbok Rental

Oneday Hanbok is conveniently located in Seoul’s Bukchon neighborhood between Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung palaces, 300 meters up the street from Anguk station. Oneday Hanbok has helpful directions on their site so you can make sure you find it.

Korean traditional dress for couples travel

Want to know how to rent Korean hanbok in Seoul with Oneday Hanbok? We recommend that you email them at or message them on Facebook with the date, time, and number of people who will be renting. 

If you’d prefer a cheaper price for your Oneday Hanbok rental, we recommend you reserve your Hanbok Rental through this link to get a discounted price!

Oneday Hanbok is open from 9 AM to 7PM, with the last time to rent Korean hanbok at 6PM. Contacting in advance isn’t a necessity, but is recommended so that you have priority when you go to the shop.



Couples Hanbok Rental in Seoul, South Korea

Renting Hanbok: The Process

When you go to the Oneday Hanbok store you can pick from the dozens of different colors and styles of Korean hanbok they have to choose from. We just loved peeping at each option, and had a tough time choosing between all the choices! But you know, ladies first! Lauren had her pick of the many hanbok choices Oneday Hanbok offered, from the traditional styles to the modern takes. She ultimately decided on this pink and purple combination, and the helpful assistants at Oneday Hanbok helped put together the male Korean traditional clothes for me to match her.

After making our hanbok selections, the friendly people at Oneday Hanbok got us dressed and sent us on our way to frolic throughout the streets of Seoul—and what a way to explore! We got countless compliments on our hanbok, and had several people ask to take our pictures. While it was rainy during the day we rented the hanbok, this actually worked in our favor. The rain lasted very briefly, but still emptied the streets of Bukchon enough to allow us free reign. We were able to snap several picture-perfect shots in the hanok-lined rows of Bukchon normally crowded with tourists!


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Hanbok Accessories & Styling

One of my favorite parts of Oneday Hanbok are their little freebies! To make your Korean hanbok rental super convenient, they offer free hanbok accessories, including hair adornments and bags! If you’d like extra pieces, such as a variety of hats, it costs 2000 won extra. Oneday Hanbok does not offer makeup or hairstyling services, but may assist you in putting on the hanbok and helping place your hair accessories, This is just fine for us as these services tend to be pretty pricey at other places anyway! Hanbok rental also includes free accessories for hairstyling, including bobby pins and curlers, though the location still recommends that you come with your hair already done.


Guide to renting a Korean hanbok

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How to Wear Korean Hanbok

If this is your first time to rent Korean hanbok, you should know how to wear your newly rented traditional Korean dress before you go out on the town.

You can wear normal clothes under hanbok, but keep in mind some important tips depending on the season you visit. In warmer weather, we recommend that you wear short-sleeve shirts, bright colored tops, and thin materials, and to avoid wearing dark-colored and high-necked shirts. In winter, a thick t-shirt is a good idea, and many layers so that you can avoid wearing a turtle neck or thick sweater. If you rent Korean hanbok on a rainy or snowy day, Oneday Hanbok will shorten the bottom so that it’s less likely to get dirty. After all, no one wants a dirty hem in their pictures!

Men Hanbok Rental in Seoul with OneDay Hanbok

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Oneday Hanbok Price

Interested in how to rent a Korean hanbok in Seoul with Oneday Hanbok? Here’s what you need to know about the price.

  • 4 hours rental: 15,000 won
  • 1 day (24 hours): 28,000 won (minimum rental is 4 hours)
  • Additional hourly rental: 4,500 won

When you rent Korean hanbok with Oneday Hanbok, you have to provide a copy of your ID/Passport and a rental deposit of 50,000 won per hanbok. Alternatively, you can also leave your ID/Passport and 10,000 won as a deposit. If you damage the hanbok, you won’t get your deposit back and will be held liable for the damages, so take care with your beautiful hanbok!



Love Renting this Korean Hanbok in Seoul

Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with Oneday Hanbok, but as always, all opinions are very much our own! 


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The ultimate guide to rent Korean hanbok in Seoul. We found the most convenient and affordable way to rent this traditional Korean dress in South Korea! Renting hanbok in Seoul is one of the best things to do in South Korea, and definitely a top thing to do in Seoul! The ultimate guide to rent Korean hanbok in Seoul. We found the most convenient and affordable way to rent this traditional Korean dress in South Korea! Renting hanbok in Seoul is one of the best things to do in South Korea, and definitely a top thing to do in Seoul!

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